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Technical Specifications : BodY Dimensions : 1 02 . 3mm x 1 4 . smm x 24 . 6mm Coil material : organic cotton wick + 011 一 reserving 6 ber cotton ResistsnCe : 1 . 80 Tank Capacity : 2 . oml Battery Capacity : 400mAh Output Voltage : 3 . 3 一 4 . 2V Output Power : 6 一 1 OW output Current : 1 . 8 一 2 . 3A OUieSCent CUrrent :SUA

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We offer our customers a wide range of customizable products based on functions, specifications, printing and more, which cater to their every requirement down to the last detail. So when it comes to customization, we will provide you with the best possible solution. Our top-notch in-house technology and product teams benefit from over 10 years of designing, developing, and manufacturing experience in vaping industry.


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